The opening of the beverage brand has always occupied a corner in Natto’s heart. In 2017, he and his partner tipped a team and finally created his blueprint “Good Day Good Time”.

Handmade pearl milk tea brings a new wave of tea, and supports Taiwan’s small-scale farmers in the region, and actively expands and builds popularity, with Artisanal Chinese Midsummer style packaging design, all-in-one media and well-known social platforms competing to interview In the future, we will continue to create a new tea experience.


The brand name “Good Day Good Time” comes from the idea of ​​natto’s radiant isea that a good day or a good moment does not need to calculate an auspicious date like we did in the ancient time, since now we have “Seasonal Fresh Fruit Smoothie”, “Artisanal Tea” and “Fresh Milk Tea”. “Good Day Good Time” always provide “good” in your normal daily life. We constantly improve and think about how to bring people a better service and new feelings of drinks. In short, if you are lack of “good day”, please “timely” come.


An excellent team is like a jigsaw puzzle. They bring positive energy and positive atmosphere to each other. They also work together at the same time. In March of this year, China Taiwan’s Franchise Exhibition officially receives a bulletin. Forty-six franchisees were sold, and as early as the first year, we started to expand 5 stores in spring, 20 in the summer, 15 in the winter. In 2018 Spring, wealso expanded 10 stores, 3 stores in macau, 3 stores in Guangzhou. There are 2 stores in Xi’an and 1 stores in Foshan. “Good Day Good Time” has opened more than 40 beverage stores in China Taiwan, the Mainland China, Macao and Canada. We believe that this year, the number of franchise stores can be expanded to 200, and they will enter Southeast Asia. We hope that one day, when people talking about Hand Drinks, they will immediately think of “Good Day Good Time”. Good Day Good Time , Always Good For You


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